Open and manage an award-winning Online Savings Account from Marcus by Goldman Sachs within Clarity Money. Online Savings Accounts have no fees and there is no minimum deposit to open.

While it is possible to link and view all of your Marcus accounts, it is only possible to manage the Online Savings Account that has been opened within Clarity Money. If you already have a Marcus account, learn how to link it to Clarity Money.

How to Open a Marcus Online Savings Account in Clarity Money

  1. From the main feed, scroll down to find the Savings tile. Please note: you will only see this tile if you have linked an eligible checking or savings account, and you must have previously verified your email address with Clarity Money.
  2. Follow the onscreen prompts.
  3. You can view your account balance and manage recurring transfers in the Clarity Money app. For all other servicing needs, visit (use your email address to log in and create a new password on your first time) or contact Marcus.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the current rate?
You can find the most up-to-date APY on

Is there a minimum deposit amount required to open an account?
There is no minimum deposit required to open a Marcus Online Savings Account. At account opening, you will be asked to select a recurring transfer amount as low as $0.01 at a frequency of your choosing.

When will I start earning interest on new deposits into my Online Savings Account?
You will start to earn interest on the business day your deposit is received. 

How do I make deposits into my Marcus Online Savings Account?
When you open a Marcus Online Savings Account in the Clarity Money app, you’ll be prompted to schedule automatic deposits (as low as $0.01) into your Marcus Online Savings Account. You can choose to make your deposits from any eligible account (e.g., checking, savings) that you have linked to Clarity Money. You can also define the automatic deposit amount (maximum of $1000) and frequency (weekly or monthly). You can monitor your automatic deposits and account balance within the app by locating the Savings tile in your feed. You may also deposit funds in to your Marcus Online Savings Account at 

Are there any fees associated with my Marcus Online Savings Account?
Neither Marcus nor Clarity Money charges any fees to open and maintain a Marcus Online Savings Account. However, your external bank or third party may charge you a fee in certain instances, such as if you overdraft your account or exceed your monthly transfer limit to fund your Marcus Online Savings Account.

How can I access my Marcus Online Savings Account Statements?
You can take care of all servicing needs, including accessing statements, making transfers, and more, on On your first log in, remember to create a new password.

For more FAQs, please visit Marcus FAQs.

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