Search tips
When searching, be sure to follow these tips:

  • Type at least 3 letters.
  • Type the full name of the institution.
  • If your institution name contains numbers, try typing both with letters (eg., 1st Bank of New York), and numbers (eg., First Bank of New York).
  • If your institution is often abbreviated, try typing both with the full name (eg., First Bank of New York), and abbreviated (eg., FBONY).
  • Do not type websites or URLs of the institution.

Supported financial institutions
Over 9,000 financial institutions are currently available to link. Only U.S. financial institutions with a currency of US Dollars (USD) are able to be linked to Clarity Money. 

Request your institution
If you do not see your institution listed, select "Send us your institution," and type the complete name. If your institution becomes available, we will do our best to notify you via email. This process depends on the willingness of your financial institution to allow access to third party services.

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