In order to access Clarity Money on your device, it is required to have at least one form of device specific authentication.

Forms of authentication

  • PIN - A PIN is a unique, 4 digit number, which can be different than your device PIN number. Learn more.
  • Fingerprint - If you have a supported device, you can use a fingerprint to unlock Clarity Money. Keep in mind that anyone with his/her fingerprint added to your device settings can open Clarity Money. Learn more.

How to adjust settings

  • Navigate to Settings > Security.
  • It is not possible to disable your PIN.
  • It is possible to disable fingerprint.

When will I be prompted to authenticate or log in?

  • If you background the app, you will be prompted to authenticate with PIN or fingerprint after 5 minutes have elapsed.
  • If you close the app, you will be prompted to authenticate with PIN or fingerprint immediately upon opening the app.
  • If you log out, you will be prompted to log in with email and password.

I don't remember my PIN, what should I do?
If you do not remember your PIN and cannot use your fingerprint, please select "Log Out" from the security screen and re-enter your Clarity Money password.


  • Enabling a fingerprint will grant access to all users with a registered fingerprint on your device to unlock the app.
  • Each method of security is per device. If you have multiple devices (phone & tablet), setting a PIN on one will not automatically set the same PIN on another device.
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