Discover insights into your spending habits based on merchants that you frequent the most.

How it works
Clarity Money will analyze your spending on a yearly basis (starting on January 1st) and sort by the number of transactions.

View transactions by:

  • This Week - The first day of the current week, starting on Sunday.
  • This Month - The first day of the current month, starting on the 1st.
  • This Year - The first day of the current year, starting on January 1st
  • Last Year - January 1 to December 31 of the previous year.

Please note that not all financial institutions provide a full year's worth of transactions, so each view will go as far back as data is available.

Missing transactions from a merchant?
The merchant you are looking for may use a unique name for each transaction. If you do not see your transactions in this view, please search for it within Transactions.

If your transactions are not visible within the app, please ensure you have linked the payment method you use to pay for the particular merchant.

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