Enable helpful push notifications to be alerted of:

1. Spending updates

Updates to your spending, sent periodically through the week. Clarity Money will alert you if you are spending more than normal, less than normal, or are on track with your monthly budget and spending.

2. You got paid
If Clarity Money can determine that you have received your regular income, Clarity Money will send you a notification.

3. Bill due (beta)
If Clarity Money determines that you have an upcoming bill due (based on your transaction history), you'll receive a reminder before it is due.

4. Low balance alert
Set your threshold, and you'll receive an update when a checking account balances dips below the amount set.

5. Important updates
Periodically, we'll send you important updates about Clarity Money.

6. Budgeting spend alerts
We'll notify you when we see you've spent the specified % of your budget. Don't worry, we'll also notify you when we see you've spent 100% of your budget.

How to enable notifications

  • Within the app, navigate to Profile > Notifications.
  • On your device, ensure you enabled the proper permissions to have Clarity Money send you notifications.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am having trouble with notifications, what should I do?
From your iOS device:

  • Settings
  • Notifications
  • Clarity Money
  • Allow Notifications > Toggle ON

From your Android device:

  • Settings
  • Apps
  • Clarity Money
  • Show Notifications > Select ON
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